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A meeting chaired by the chairman of the board of Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation, Mr. Zeid Ahmed Taha al-washali, discussed on Monday, 3-6-2024, the mechanism of implementing the tasks of the ministerial committee tasked with evaluating the performance of Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation within the Ministry of transport's plan for the year 2024.

At the meeting, Al-washali stressed the importance of cooperation to accomplish the tasks of the Ministerial Committee during its field visit and to work on the success of tasks during the specified period.

The meeting touched upon the systematic targeting and destruction of infrastructure in the ports of the corporation during more than nine years of aggression and blockade, and the efforts exerted to restore activity, pointing out that there have been achievements that have led to the continuity of the activity of the ports of the corporation to receive all ships loaded with goods and oil derivatives. 

The chairman of the Ministerial Committee, Director General of Port policies and economics, Abdul Salam Al-Arifi, reviewed the tasks of the committee and its work in accordance with the decisions of the evaluation process, pointing out the keenness of the Ministry of transport to complete the evaluation work.

He pointed out that the committee will evaluate the level of performance, maritime safety procedures, approved projects and what has been implemented in accordance with the national vision and review the lease contracts for land on the campus of the Red Sea Ports Corporation according to the agreed contract models, pointing out that the evaluation process includes the General Authority for Maritime Affairs in Hodeida.

The meeting was attended by members of the ministerial committee, directors general of planning - head of the main Executive unit of the National Vision Nazir al-Dabie, Legal Affairs Mansour al-Wafi, internal audit Adel Abdulmalik, environmental safety and maritime navigation Arafat Al-Nashi and director of the port Planning Department Mohammed Al-Mortada.

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The deputy chairman of the board of Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation, Mr. Nasr Abdullah Al-nusairi, inspected on Tuesday, 28-5-2024, the Medical Center for ship workers and sailors at the port of Hodeida.

He was briefed on the medical equipment, operating rooms and health services provided by the center during the current situation, listening from the director of the Center, Dr. Ahmed Al-shumeiri, and the supervisor of the center, Fouad Maqbool, to an explanation of the most prominent needs to rehabilitate and equip the center to develop its medical services provided to beneficiaries in the required form.

Al-nusairi praised the performance of the medical staff, who work around the clock in the service of workers and ship sailors, and its readiness to cover the expansion of services.

The center's staff appreciated the efforts to provide for the needs and rehabilitate the center in a way that contributes to the development and improvement of medical services.

During the visit, he was accompanied by the director general of the chairman's office, Mr. Ali Mohammed Al-Ansi.


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