The leadership and Employees of Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation Participate in the March "holy jihad with Gaza and there are no Red lines "

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The leadership and employees of Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation participated last Friday, 9 Dhu al - Qa'da 1445h, corresponding to 17-5-2024, in the mass march that took place at the usual Square in Hodeida governorate, in confirmation of the continued mobilization, alienation and solidarity with the Palestinian people, under the slogan "with Gaza holy jihad and the are no red lines ".

The participants of the march chanted slogans of steadfastness and confront the forces of control and global arrogance, "America and Israel".. They stressed that the US administration has lost its prestige as a result of its insistence on covering up the crimes of the Zionist enemy in the Gaza Strip.

The participants in the March raised the Palestinian and Yemeni flags, echoing the cheers of the air, and delegating the revolutionary leadership to take any decisions to face any threats, in defense of the sovereignty of the country and in support of the Palestinian people.

They renewed their absolute support for the operations of the Yemeni armed forces against the targets of the Zionist and American enemy, and to proceed with the option of mobilization, in preparation for fighting the Battle of the "promised conquest and holy jihad", and to counter the American-British escalation.

They expressed pride in the position taken by the Yemeni people in support of the Palestinian people, based on religious responsibility, and a firm position towards the issues of the nation, foremost of which is the Palestinian issue, stressing that this position will not be reversed until the Zionist aggression stops and the blockade on Gaza is lifted.

They renewed the call to the peoples of the Arab and Islamic nation and all the free people of the world to boycott American and Israeli goods and products and companies supporting the Zionists and raise awareness of the importance of this weapon as one of the forms of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The statement issued by the March praised the legendary steadfastness of the Sons of the Palestinian people and their dear Mujahideen, who thwarted the enemy's plots.. He stressed that God is with them and the Yemeni people are with them and will meet the escalation with escalation.

The statement sent a message to the Israeli and American enemy that they will not intimidate the Yemeni people by intimidating them and will not dissuade them from continuing their principled position to support the Palestinians.

The statement addressed the Arab leaders gathered in Manama that "the Israeli enemy has committed more than three thousand and 185 massacres, and one massacre was enough to push them to allow their people to come out and support the Palestinian people, as well as to fight with the Palestinians against the Israeli enemy, which is their duty".

The statement praised the continuation of marches and demonstrations at American and Western universities, condemning the repression and assault on them by unjust regimes.. He called for the continuation of the marches in support of the Palestinian people even during the summer holidays.

The statement hailed the heroic operations of the mujahideen in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq, as well as the operations of the Yemeni armed forces in its fourth stage, which reached the Mediterranean Sea in the North and the Indian Ocean in the South.

The statement renewed the continuation of general mobilization, marches, various activities and the provision of training and rehabilitation camps with hundreds of thousands of mujahideen who are ready for any challenges tirelessly and tirelessly.. He stressed that the enemy and his trumpets will fail to target the Home Front as they failed previously.


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